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Tips to take care of your skin before Halloween and day of the death!!!

1. Wet days before: usually this Halloween makeup is heavy, or very fatty or, perhaps very dry. They also bring silicones, other glues or chemicals that can alter the ph of the skin; especially in the eye area that is very delicate. That is why it is recommended, for men and women, to moisturize the skin in the previous days.

2. Check the makeup: that the expiration date has not passed. Also, do not use a product that is not specific to the skin, because if other types of glues or chemicals are used, the damage can be really serious.

3. Sunblock: no matter what it is at night, its application will protect the skin. Ideal one with a drier texture like gel, so that the makeup does not shine or run.

4. Clean the skin: important, do not lie down without removing all products. There are several types of makeup removers in the market. Experts refer to presentations in foam, milks or oils. Ideally, choose one according to the type of skin.

It is not recommended to use tissues or cotton to remove it, because these affect the skin. Ideally, put the product with your fingers and wash it later. The water must be very cold, so that in addition to cleaning the product, wash the impurities and avoid sagging skin. Then you have to dry with small taps with an exclusive towel for the face.

5. Clean the eyes: nothing to use mineral oils because they are fatal for this area of ​​the skin, as they irritate the eyes. There are products exclusively for this delicate area.

6. Moisturizer: and after cleaning it is good to apply a cream that is not greasy. If you have skin with this texture, you can use an ultralight gel that has more water than oils.

7. Do not put on makeup if you have acne: if you currently have active acne, you better use a mask, because almost certainly you will have an aggressive reaction within a few days to all the products you applied and acne will be more severe.

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